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Choir Arrangements and Compositions

Bad Arrangements Kill Good Choirs

I believe arrangements should be fun and effective, they should have bit of ear candy and most of all: they should bring out the best in your choir. Therefore, it's important to discuss the qualities and challenges in your choir, as part of the arranging process. This will guarantee that the arrangement will make your choir fire up! Whether you're looking for a two-part treble song or eight part contemporary a cappella piece.

Choir Conductor 

My expertise lies in contemporary pop and jazz a cappella, but my musical scope ranges all the way to classical chamber choir. This variety in inspires me, and motivates me to get the most out of the music and the singers.

Recent projects include a cappella pop and jazz concerts and pop-up projects, W.A. Mozarts Requiem en Dan Forrest's Requiem for the Living, as well as numerous freelance projects in the Netherlands and abroad.

Workshops - Ateliers - Clinics

Are you looking for an atelier conductor for your choir festival? Or someone to do a workshop or clinic with your choir? Do you want to learn something new, or improve on a specific musical style or technical subject? 

I can offer various workshops, ateliers and clinics that your singers will find inspirational, and/or will be a nice addition to your festival.