Workshops - Ateliers - Clinics

Are you looking for an atelier conductor for your choir festival? Or someone to do a workshop or clinic with your choir? Here is some inspiration! 

Create an arrangement in the moment - no sheet music required!

You don't need sheet music to arrange a song! In this workshop, we will create an arrangement together, in the moment, without sheet music! By exploring the building blocks of music and of course a lot of singing and experimenting, we will create an arrangement that is "uniquely ours", using nothing but our musicality and imagination!

This workshop was previously taught in the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey.

Improve choir skills

Here, we do different exercises to improve on a certain focus point and we rehearse some new repertoire accordingly. Focus points can be: creating a good blend, using different tone colors, getting the groove right, tuning or ensemble singing in general. 

Choir Masterclass

The Choir Masterclass is about taking your choir to the next level. We tackle challenging musical moments and/or improve on what the choir already does well. We do exercises, work with practical tools, and we have fun learning.

Have fun and be inspired!

Workshops and clinics are also about having fun, singing beautiful music, just getting the positive energy out there! That's why we break the ice using musical games, learn some fun and beautiful repertoire, do some improvisation, and just be creative together!

Endless possibilities... 

That's why it's better to just get in touch with each other and discuss what you have in mind. Press the button and send me a message!